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Video Production

We get to know your brand and tell its story through videos that hit home. Our team loves diving into what makes your message unique and crafting visuals that share your narrative in an authentic way.

Chicago Fire Department Video Production:

Project Overview:

The partnership with the Chicago Fire Department (CFD) involved a comprehensive approach encompassing paid ads, event management, and influencer engagement, all anchored by a diverse range of video productions. The objective was to optimize ad rates, enrich the recruitment process, aid candidates in preparing for the Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT), and provide essential preparatory information for academy entrants.

  • BFMG's Contribution:

    • Paid Ad Videos: Crafted varying lengths of videos tailored for paid ads to ensure optimal ad rates and effective reach. Worked with influencers as well to create videos for the ads.

    • Real FF/EMT Interviews: Conducted heartfelt interviews with real firefighters and EMTs about why they joined the CFD and the advice they would give to applicants, encapsulating the human aspect and the noble calling of the profession.

    • Workout Video: Produced a workout video to aid candidates in effectively preparing for the CPAT, a critical step in their journey toward becoming firefighters.

    • Animated Explainer: Designed an animated explainer video detailing the essentials needed when heading to the fire academy, providing a clear and engaging preparatory resource for aspiring firefighters.

  • Impact:

    • The array of videos produced significantly enriched the marketing, recruitment, and informational campaigns spearheaded by the CFD.

    • The workout and animated explainer videos provided valuable resources for candidates, aiding in their preparation and understanding of academy prerequisites.

    • The real FF/EMT interviews added a personal touch, making the recruitment process more relatable and inspiring for prospective applicants, while also enhancing the impact of the CFD’s community engagement and recruitment initiatives.

World Business Chicago Video Production:

Project Overview:

The collaboration with World Business Chicago (WBC) focused on fostering higher economic awareness and growth across 12 distinct neighborhoods of Chicago. Besides creating web pages and PDF presentations, a significant portion of the project involved integrating engaging video content into these digital assets.

  • BFMG's Contribution:

    • In-depth Interviews: Conducted over 50 interviews ranging from 1-5 minutes (after editing) with residents, business owners, philanthropists and more each sharing their unique highlights and advantages of their respective neighborhoods.

    • B-Roll and Drone Shots: Captured dynamic b-roll and aerial drone shots of neighborhood hotspots, seamlessly integrating them into the interview videos to provide a vivid portrayal of each neighborhood.

    • Neighborhood Highlight Reels: Utilizing the amassed footage, BFMG crafted 1.5-minute highlight reels for each neighborhood, encapsulating the essence, opportunities, and the vibrant community life that characterize them.

  • Impact:

    • The well-curated videos provided a genuine and engaging insight into the distinctiveness of each neighborhood, aiding WBC's mission to spur economic awareness and growth.

    • The integration of real interviews with visually captivating b-roll and drone footage enriched the digital presentations, making them more engaging and informative for viewers.

    • The neighborhood highlight reels served as succinct yet impactful visual narratives, effectively showcasing the economic and communal vibrancy of the targeted neighborhoods, thereby advancing WBC's objective of promoting economic growth and community engagement.

Further work

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