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Website Design

A fresh look for your website that feels welcoming to your visitors. Our redesigns focus on making your online space a true reflection of your brand, easy to navigate and pleasant to browse.

Website Redesign for H&K Perforating Companies:

Project Overview:

The H&K Perforating Companies aimed to transition from a one-page website to a detailed, narrative-rich platform, elucidating their longstanding legacy, specialized capabilities, and broad market reach. The objective was to enhance user engagement, narrate their story compellingly, and facilitate easy access to their offerings and contact channels.

  • BFMG’s Contribution:

    • Narrative and Content Development:

      • Drafted a captivating narrative highlighting H&K's 140-year journey and its unique ability to perforate a vast range of material thickness.

      • Developed content that underscores H&K's distinctive value proposition, nationwide operational footprint, and its customer-centric business approach.

    • On-site Content Gathering:

      • Traveled to H&K's facilities in Chicago, Cleveland, TN, and Carbondale, PA, to gather authentic content, replacing stock imagery with real-life visuals of the premises, processes, and people at H&K.

      • Utilized drone technology to capture both interior and exterior footage, offering a dynamic visual tour of H&K's operations.

    • Interactive Features:

      • Designed a 'Notable Projects' section to exhibit H&K’s impactful projects like the Mercedes-Benz Stadium Pedestrian Bridge and One World Trade Center, offering a visual insight into their expertise.

      • Implemented a feature for users to download a PDF showcasing H&K’s perforating capabilities, providing a tangible take-away for potential clients.

    • Customer Testimonials:

      • Integrated a section for customer testimonials, offering real-world endorsements of H&K's professionalism, quality control, and exceptional customer service.

    • Informative Blog Section:

      • Created a blog section featuring articles reflecting H&K’s community engagement and industry insights, adding a layer of resourcefulness to the website.

    • Accessible Contact Us Section:

      • Developed an intuitive contact section with an easy inquiry form and displayed their main headquarters' contact details, encouraging inquiries from prospective clients.

  • Impact:

    • The revamped website now narrates H&K's story, offerings, and commitment to customer satisfaction effectively.

    • By showcasing real projects and customer testimonials, the website builds credibility and showcases H&K's industry competence.

    • The authentic imagery and drone footage provide a genuine insight into H&K's operations, setting a foundation of trust and transparency with the audience.

Website Design for Chicago Fire Department Recruitment:

Project Overview:

The Chicago Fire Department (CFD) aimed to boost recruitment, particularly focusing on a diverse pool of candidates. The website redesign was targeted towards providing extensive information about the recruitment process, showcasing real experiences of Firefighter/EMTs, and creating a compelling call to action for prospective recruits.

  • BFMG’s Contribution:

    • Engaging Narrative & Homepage Design:

      • Designed a captivating homepage with the bold headline “Ignite Your Career” to immediately engage visitors.

      • Integrated a seamless scroll feature to guide visitors through various sections of the site effortlessly, making the user journey intuitive and informative.

    • Informative Content & Requirement Section:

      • Laid out a clear and detailed section on the requirements for becoming a Firefighter/EMT, making it easy for prospective recruits to understand the prerequisites.

    • Authentic Testimonials:

      • Incorporated real testimonials from current Firefighter/EMTs, sharing their rewarding experiences, which adds a human element and builds a connection with prospective recruits.

    • Interactive FAQ Section:

      • Developed an interactive FAQ section addressing common queries regarding the application process, exam, and other related concerns, which is essential for candidate preparation.

    • Event Information:

      • Included an 'Upcoming & Past Events' section to keep visitors updated on relevant activities and opportunities to engage with the CFD.

    • Strong Call to Action:

      • Strategically placed ‘Apply Now’ buttons to encourage action and ease the application process.

    • Responsive Design:

      • Ensured the website is responsive across devices, providing a seamless user experience whether accessed via desktop, tablet, or mobile.

    • Visual Appeal:

      • Utilized a blend of vibrant colors, authentic images, and concise text to make the webpage visually appealing while conveying the core message effectively.

    • Analytical Reporting:

      • By creating a central hub for all recruitment-related information, BFMG enabled quick and efficient reporting of website analytics to the city, ensuring timely insights into user engagement and website performance.

  • Impact:

    • The redesigned website serves as a robust platform for CFD’s recruitment drive, offering a wealth of information in a user-friendly and engaging manner.

    • By showcasing real-life testimonials and providing detailed insights into the life and requirements of a Chicago Firefighter/EMT, the website helps to build a rapport with potential recruits and motivates them to take the first step towards igniting their careers with the CFD.

    • The analytical reporting feature has significantly streamlined the process of tracking and sharing website metrics with the city, enhancing the decision-making and continuous improvement of the recruitment campaign.

Website Design for World Business Chicago:

Project Overview:

World Business Chicago (WBC) aimed to enhance economic awareness and growth across 12 neighborhoods in Chicago. The website is a pivotal tool for showcasing the business opportunities, community profiles, and success stories in these areas.

  • BFMG’s Contribution:

    • Interactive Neighborhood Profiles:

      • BFMG created comprehensive profiles for the 12 highlighted neighborhoods, allowing visitors to delve into the unique business environments and community attributes of each area.

    • Engaging Video Content:

      • Incorporation of 1-5 minute interview videos of residents, business owners, and philanthropists sharing highlights of their neighborhoods. This authentic narrative greatly enriched the website content.

    • Dynamic Content Presentation:

      • Utilized a mix of text, images, and video content to create a dynamic and engaging user experience. The rich content showcases the vibrant business and community ecosystem in Chicago.

    • Economic Data Visualization:

      • Integrated interactive data visualizations to present economic and demographic data in an engaging and understandable manner, aiding in conveying the economic potential of the neighborhoods.

    • Mobile-Responsive Design:

      • Ensured the website’s responsive design for seamless access and navigation on various devices, enhancing user experience and accessibility.

    • SEO Optimization:

      • Employed SEO best practices to improve the site’s visibility and ranking on search engines, facilitating greater reach and engagement with the target audience.

    • Easy Navigation and Clear CTA:

      • Designed an intuitive navigation structure and clear call-to-action elements to guide visitors towards exploring business opportunities and engaging with the available resources.

    • Regular Content Updates:

      • Implemented a content management system for easy updates, keeping the website fresh and relevant with the latest news, events, and economic developments.

  • Impact:

    • The revamped website serves as a robust platform for promoting economic growth and engagement within the highlighted neighborhoods of Chicago.

    • By showcasing real stories, economic data, and business opportunities, the website plays a crucial role in attracting investments, fostering community engagement, and promoting the diversified economic landscape of Chicago.

    • The SEO optimization and mobile-responsive design have broadened the website's reach, making it a valuable resource for businesses, investors, and community members alike.

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