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Fundraising Toolkit

Fundraising is about shared goals and making a difference together. We provide tools that help you connect with donors on a personal level, making every contribution feel impactful and appreciated.

Chicago Urban League Fundraising Toolkit:

Project Overview:

The collaboration with the Chicago Urban League encompassed an array of services including paid ads for vaccinations, content creation, and notably, the development of a comprehensive Fundraising Toolkit. The toolkit was designed as a robust resource to streamline fundraising efforts, encapsulating essential information about the organization, its initiatives, and how individuals and entities can contribute and get involved.

  • BFMG's Contribution:

    • Content Creation: Crafted a wealth of content encapsulated in the toolkit, providing a thorough understanding of Chicago Urban League's mission, programs, and engagement opportunities. This included everything from an introductory letter from the CEO, an overview of the organization, detailed program offerings, to an extensive array of fundraising resources.

    • Digital Content: Created digital content including sample emails, a social media guide, and online donation forms, facilitating a seamless engagement with potential donors and supporters.

    • Messaging & Talking Points: Developed clear messaging and talking points to aid in effectively communicating the organization’s mission and fundraising objectives.

  • Impact:

    • The Fundraising Toolkit serves as a pivotal resource for Chicago Urban League, significantly aiding in their fundraising endeavors by providing a structured and comprehensive guide for both internal and external stakeholders.

    • The digital content crafted enables a broader reach and engagement with potential donors, thereby bolstering the fundraising efforts.

    • The clear messaging and talking points ensure a coherent and impactful communication of the organization’s mission and fundraising goals, paving the way for successful fundraising campaigns and enhanced community engagement.

Further work

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