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Content Creation

It's all about creating content that speaks to your audience. We sit down, listen to what you want to convey, and work together to create messages that feel just right.

Content Creation for Chicago Urban League:

Project Overview:

Chicago Urban League aims at promoting economic empowerment and social equity. The project involved creating compelling content to raise awareness about their initiatives, particularly around vaccination drives.

  • BFMG’s Contribution:

    • Photography:

      • Captured images of events, community engagements, and other activities to visually narrate the story of the Chicago Urban League's impact in the community.

    • Videography:

      • Produced short videos highlighting the Urban League's programs, testimonials from beneficiaries, and interviews with the organization’s leadership.

    • Social Media Content:

      • Designed shareable social media graphics and video snippets to enhance online engagement and reach a broader audience.

Content Creation for Operation Ten City:

Project Overview:

Operation Ten City is an initiative aimed at addressing homelessness and providing essential services. The objective of the content creation was to promote their events and share the narratives of individuals impacted by their services.

  • BFMG’s Contribution:

    • Event Flyers:

      • Designed visually appealing and informative event flyers to promote Operation Ten City’s events. These flyers were created to be shared across social media platforms, thereby helping to increase event attendance and awareness of the initiative.

    • Interview Highlight Clips:

      • Conducted and filmed interviews with individuals benefiting from Operation Ten City's services. Produced short highlight clips from these interviews to showcase the personal stories and the positive impact of the initiative. These clips were shared on social media to engage the community and encourage support for Operation Ten City.

The created content effectively served as a tool for raising awareness, promoting events, and sharing the human stories behind the mission of Operation Ten City. Through social media-friendly designs and engaging video content, BFMG helped to extend the reach and impact of Operation Ten City's noble cause.

Content Creation for Chicago Fire Department:

Project Overview:

The Chicago Fire Department wanted to amplify its recruitment campaign, ‘Ignite Your Career’. The project entailed creating engaging content to attract a diverse pool of applicants.

  • BFMG’s Contribution:

    • Recruitment Videos:

      • Created a series of recruitment videos featuring testimonials from current Firefighter/EMTs, showcasing the benefits and the community impact of a career with the CFD.

    • Event Photography and Videography:

      • Covered various recruitment events, capturing the engagement between the community and the CFD personnel, which were used across digital platforms to increase awareness.

    • Social Media Campaigns:

      • Developed a variety of visual content including photo and video ads for social media campaigns aimed at driving applications and attendance at recruitment events.

These content creation initiatives significantly contributed to amplifying the messages and goals of each client, engaging the community, and promoting awareness on essential issues and opportunities. Through a blend of photography, videography, and targeted social media content, BFMG was able to capture the essence of each client's mission and create a tangible impact in their respective communities.

Further work

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