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Community Event Public Relations

Community events are about bringing people together, and we love every bit of it. We help you get the word out and foster a local buzz that gets everyone talking and participating.

Operation Ten City was a significant community initiative aimed at bringing economic restoration and prosperity to various communities across the nation, including Chicago. This initiative was carried out in Chicago through a weekend-long event featuring several activities and resources for the local communities. Here’s a detailed overview of Operation Ten City's work in Chicago and how Brown Farmer Media Group (BFMG) contributed to its publicity and success:

Operation Ten City in Chicago:

  • The event sought to provide economic restoration and enhance prosperity in communities in 10 different cities across the country, with Chicago being one of the focal points​.

  • Operated by the Living Word Christian Center, Operation Ten City organized various events and resources aimed at servicing multiple neighborhoods in Chicago​​.

  • One of the notable offerings was an expungement clinic that aimed at providing legal relief to individuals with certain criminal records, aiding them in a fresh start​​.

  • The Chicago leg of Operation Ten City took place from Friday, September 8th to Tuesday, September 12th, featuring various activities including a Youthpreneur Entrepreneurship Workshop and Heaven's Pantry Drive-Thru among others​​.

BFMG's Contribution:

  • BFMG played a pivotal role in raising awareness about Operation Ten City's activities in Chicago by securing television and podcast interviews on prominent platforms including ABC7, NBC5, CBS2, NewsNation, WVON 1690, FOX32, and more.

  • They also crafted graphics for each interview which were shared across social media platforms, amplifying the reach and impact of the event’s coverage.

  • A supercut of the coverage will be embedded below, offering a glimpse into the extensive media engagement and the positive ripple effect it had on the community through Operation Ten City's initiatives.

This collaborative effort not only brought attention to the crucial community-centric work done by Operation Ten City but also showcased the expertise and effectiveness of BFMG in orchestrating a comprehensive public relations campaign. Through strategic media engagements and compelling visual content, BFMG significantly amplified the outreach and impact of Operation Ten City’s events in Chicago.

Take a look below at our event photos at a media luncheon that was also set up by BFMG.


The H&K Perforating Companies' Back to School Fest:

  • The Event: On August 18, 2023, The H&K Perforating Companies hosted a "Back to School Fest" at their premises at 5655 W. Fillmore Street, Chicago, from noon to 3 p.m. This event was geared towards celebrating the academic season and giving back to the local community​1​​2​​3​.

  • CBS 2 Feature: During the fest, H&K opened its doors to CBS 2, showcasing their innovative products in metal perforating and their deep-rooted commitment to the community. The feature highlighted their efforts in providing back-to-school supplies to local kids, emphasizing their long-standing tradition of local hiring and community engagement​.

BFMG’s Contribution:

  • Marketing and Publicity: Brown Farmer Media Group (BFMG) took charge of all marketing aspects for the event, crafting and producing engaging event collateral that encapsulated the spirit of community and education inherent in the fest.

  • Media Engagement: BFMG was instrumental in securing a feature by CBS 2, which provided a platform for H&K to showcase their innovative expertise and unwavering community dedication. Additionally, BFMG arranged several radio interviews prior to the event, amplifying the fest’s publicity and ensuring a good turnout.

  • Event Success: The comprehensive marketing and well-coordinated media engagement orchestrated by BFMG significantly amplified the outreach of the event. The CBS 2 feature and radio interviews not only highlighted the innovative expertise of H&K but also underscored their substantial commitment to fostering positive community relations, thereby contributing to the event’s success and making a lasting positive impact on the local community.

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